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Bali Cargo Company

Who is Bali Cargo?

Bali Cargo Company is locally owned and operated in Neptune Beach, Fl offering hand crafted furniture, housewares, and jewelry from the exotic Indonesian island of Bali.

Look, Love, Live Bali!

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Bali Cargo Company opened its doors for business in 2004 by owner/buyer, Kim Rogers. As the name implies, our products come from the island of Bali where the Artisans & Craftsmen from all the islands of Indonesia converge to create a spectacular marketplace of handmade Housewares, Jewelry and Furniture. Every year we spend months handpicking each and every item to fill our stores. I personally visit each shop, working with the shop owners and families to create new product. These trips turn into adventures as I strive to bring the look and feel of Bali to our stores in Jacksonville and St. Louis.

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Bali Cargo Company is a member of what we call a "cottage style" industry with most of items being made in the Balinese homes or small workshops. The Balinese live communally where extended families live and work together. Mom, Dad, Grandparents, cousins and siblings all have a hand in the running of the business taking great care to ensure that not only the quality of our products but the environment in which they are made.

To continue to best serve our customers, I have products designed exclusively for the American consumer. On occasion, this requires collaboration with many expatriates and Europeans who live full time in Bali. Many of the more cutting edge pieces are actually a collaboration of Western design and Indonesian craftsmanship. This especially applies to our line of reclaimed fishing boat and teak furniture. Buying reclaimed or recycled product from Bali is of high priority for us and good for the Indonesian environment.

Buyer making Jamu.

Kim Rogers Making Jamu in Java

I love creating jobs and contributing to the economies of both Indonesia and here in the States and I feel fortunate to be able to immerse myself in the the culture of Indonesia. They are a friendly, spiritual and kind people. I've learned so much about myself by being welcomed into their culture. I've made many friends in Bali and it feels like home. So, if you make it out our way please stop in and say hello..Terima Kasih...